Say It Ain’t So Joe

There have been rumblings the past two days that Girardi would be out as Skipper of the New York Yankees. Well today it’s official. After ten season as manager for the Pinstripes, Joe Girardi and the Yankees are parting ways.

Some cited the fact that Cashman and Joe didn’t always see eye to eye. Some say that the stress got to him. Others say he wants to spend more time with his family. Whatever the reason is, it should come as a shock to most fans. And now we must swiftly move on.

Internally, I don’t think Robbie Thompson or Tony Pena are right for the job. Do I think they should stay on as assistants? Absolutely. But the Yankees are known to go out and get high-profile managers. Right now no one sticks out.

Maybe if Joe Torre (77) or Jim Leyland (72) weren’t born in the 1940s, I’d say they would have puncher’s chances. But Torre is living a cushy life in the MLB offices and I’ve seen baseball mitts less beat up than Jim Leyland’s cigarette riddled face.

The popular answer is to call to Alex Rodriguez. He is polished, knows the intricacies of the game as well as anyone but I doubt it will happen. I would be nervous as hell too. I somehow have forgotten that AROD was actually a virus to our organization for a very long time. His time on FS1 as an analyst, Shark Tank and the fact that he is smitten with J Lo has changed my mind on him. But I don’t want him to be the guy. Because eventually he will start to be hated again just as every manager is.

What about Donny Baseball? I would love to see Mattingly skip out on Miami and come back to his old stomping grounds. Maybe Jeter and the rebuilding Marlins would even let it happen. That would be legit.

All in all, there is a BIG hole to fill at the managerial position. Girardi should be applauded for how quickly he groomed the Baby Bombers, the 2009 Championship, and how he handled the bullpen. But I guess a change of pace isn’t necessarily the worst thing. Whomever is at the helm starting the, 2018 season, I know one thing; The chase for 28 continues.


  1. Old School

    I was sitting here thinking that the Sport’s Chill cred has come way up with this breaking news about Joe. I was seriously impressed for a brief moment until there was serious thought about A-Crap being considered for the Yankee Skipper…might expect that from Fat Mike or Crazy Mad Dog but not the Sport’s Chill…..are you joking. Arod is not a clutch guy and is too worried about what club he is going to parade J-low at tonight while his two beautiful daughters hardly ever see him. He is a waste and I wish he would go away forever. Joe did a good job but too regimented and did not use his gut enough and that contributed to his exit. Could have takenb a lesson on spontaneity from Billy.

    1. Jimmy (Post author)

      Yes it was a joke. He doesn’t deserve the job Al Pedrique, the AAA manager does.


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