Houston You Have a Problem

Still on cloud 9 from yesterday. What a fucking game. All the haters, all the doubters, where you at? The New York Yankees are heading to the ALCS for the first time since 2012. And EVERYONE on this team deserves some credit.

First let me start with the shortstop. MY shortstop. YOUR shortstop. OUR shortstop. Didi Gregorious has the biggest balls on the planet. I was wondering why he was so damn loose all game smiling and what not and it’s because he doesn’t feel pressure. After a Gardy bunt and a Judge K he STUNTED on Kluber deep to right field in the first. And his next plate appearance? Another NO DOUBTER that gave the Yankees the 3-0 lead that they desperately needed.

Next I gotta talk about my guy Carsten Charles Sabbathia. He went out and went toe to toe with the best pitcher in baseball. He crucially got out in front of almost every batter by throwing first pitch strikes. Getting ahead on the count paid dividends as he left with the lead. And I’m came David Robertson.

David Robertson is Harry Houdini. There is no better comparison out there right now. He came into the game with a man on first and second, and IMMEDIATELY got a double play. That right there is why Cashman traded for him in July. 2.2 innings pitched in a game 5 is no easy task, especially when you’re used to 4 outs tops. His performance was truly remarkable.

I would be remiss not to mention our leadoff hitter. Brett Gardner’s 9th inning at-bat have possibly been the best postseason at-bat I have ever seen. Facing a perennial All-Star closer in Cody Allen, he kept fouling off pitch after pitch after pitch. Eventually his hit would add two to the scoreboard. I will never forget how tough he showed us he is.

Then Chapman came in and the rest is history. 2 innings pitched from the 21 million dollar man. Girardi was gonna keep him out there until his arm fell off, and that was CLEARLY the correct call.

Speaking of Girardi, his job is completely saved. He spoke in length about how this team picked him up, and how Todd Frazier was a big part of rallying the troops internally. Game 2 can be washed away from the record books. On to the ALCS we go.

The Chase for 28 continues. Let’s go Yankees.

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