Buffalo Bills Week 7 Preview: I’m feelin 3-2

Once or twice a year I come home to Buffalo to catch a home game. It’s a pretty simple formula we’ve mastered in the last 5 years or so. A trip that has developed into a well executed retreat. Hang out with family and friends at a local pub Friday night, watch the Sabres. Head over to the Rossi family tavern Saturday night for more food, drinks, storytelling, and some lively debate. Wake up early and pile into a limo bus at 8am and head to the tailgate. Do not forget to eat a full meal every four hours. And remember that whatever you eat, as long as you wash it down with a Michelob Ultra, it is net-net zero calories. That’s why everyone from Buffalo is so svelte.

Anyways this is one of those weekends and this particular crew of people coming to the town for the game have an unbelievable track record.

Last year we grilled the cardinals. The year before that we squished the fish (“dolphins are actually mammals” – nerds). The year before that we destroyed the Jets. Shout out to Geno Smith who threw 12 interceptions if I remember that game correctly.

And this year??

We do not wish good lucks to the Bucs.


Credit to @MoooneyTunes for the hashtag that has left all of Tampa shaking in their silly little pirate boots.

Aside from all that here’s why I’m confident about this game:

Uniforms. We’re going to look amazing, the Bucs are going to look stupid. Blue on white for the game.

I’m 1000% positive LeSean gets into the end zone this week. This is his week.

Home game. The Bills are coming off a bye. This is the first home game in a month. Forecast is 75 and sunny for kickoff. Bills Mafia is going to be ELECTRIC. Follow TheSportsChill on snapchat for updates.

Any way you shake it I think the Bills should be a 3-2 team. Should have won the Bengals game, we probably beat that team most weeks. The Atlanta game we stole, they probably beat us most weeks. But this Bucs game is a game we should win.

Prediction: Bus ride home we’ll all be jubilant and singing along to Taylor Swift “I don’t know about YOU, but I’m FEELIN FOUR AND TWOOO”

Bills 30 Bucs 13

Now watch this Kyle Williams pregame speech and prepare yourself to run through a brick wall for this team.


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