A Week of Highs And Lows (We Keep Climbing)

Another successful week for The Sports Chill. Views, followers, likes, EVERYTHING is up. The only thing that put a damper on the mood was the New York Baby Bombers. I legitimately threw up before the game. I was nervous. I know that makes me a complete psychopath, but I was all in on the team, and I regret NOTHING. From the playoff victories to the stress, to losing my voice and throwing out my back at the Stadium, it was all worth it. Those guys broke my heart Saturday night, but they will be back for years to come. A dynasty is brewing.

But enough of the Bombers. We must move onto the Winter Sports, and leave our precious Yankees alone for the next 184 days. Now lets talk football. The New York Football Giants made me a happy man yesterday. Another loss is huge in our journey to get Saquon Barkley. The more we lose, the happier I am. Speaking of Saquon Barkley, he had 3 touchdowns vs. Michigan and is showing that he will be an absolute BEAST in MetLife. Keep sucking Giants, this is good for the team in the big picture.

As for the Jets. Do they suck for Sam Darnold? Are they good? Every week it’s a new narrative. Unfortunately it was supposed to a happy week for the Jets, but they blew a 28-14 lead and now for all intents and purposes, THE TANK IS BACK ON!!!!! Until they win next week, and then Jets fans will be just as puzzled as I am. What a mess.

Now the good stories. Nasca and Bills Mafia went up to Buffalo to support their guys vs. Cam Newton. The Bills won on a last minute field goal, LeSean McCoy had his first (and 2nd) tuddys of the year. Everything went swimmingly. The snapchat was on point and it seems as though everything Nasca touches turns to gold. Check out our snapchat if you want to see more videos like this.


Mood ? 4-2 #VictoryMonday #BillsMafia

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And finally, I had a wacky week of running into celebrities. First it was Woody Harrelson as I walked through Columbus circle.


Just bumped into Woody Harrelson. Coincidence that I had my Sports Chill Hoodie on? I think not.

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Then it was Jay Will at the Yankees game. He gave me props for getting the crowd in the boujee section going.


Finally, I spent some time with Dominic Chianese, AKA Uncle Junior, AKA My New Best Friend. Uncle Junior is the grandfather of my good friend Anthony, and I was elated to get to know him. Such a great guy through and through, and we even made plans to hangout on Arthur Avenue in the upcoming weeks! He has sworn allegiance to Team Sports Chill and I could not be happier. I might even have to pitch a TV show of the two of us hanging out. Junior and Jimmy. Who says no?


Uncle Jr. is giving me all the positive energy right now. I love him so much. Go Yankees.

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The BRAND is stronger than ever. It’s because you guys continue to believe in us, and we will continue to work harder and harder to bring you the best content possible. For now I sign off and look ahead to try and find some light in the midst of all my teams floundering. But this is just the beginning. Thesportschill.com FIRE, FIRE, FIRE.


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