Mark’s Crystal Ball: Predicting Every Giants Game of 2017 (With Memes!)

Football season is upon us, and that means I get to write another Win/Loss column for the Giants. Last year I had the Giants finishing 10-6, and they finished 11-5 (pretty much spot on). My crystal ball had 11 of the 16 games picked correctly, and I look to improve on that this year.

Here is my game by game analysis for the season ahead:

Week 1 at Cowboys, Sunday Night Football:

For some reason, The Giants open up the season at Dallas for the third year in a row in prime time on Sunday night. I guess the NFL likes capping off their opening Sunday with one of the best rivalries in the sport. The Cowboys finished 13-3 last year, with two losses handed to them by the G Men, and the Giants always seem to come away with the victory in Jerry’s World. With the Ezekiel Elliott fiasco and teams having a full year of tape on Zak Prescott, I believe the Cowboys will take a step back this year.

These games always seem to go down to the last-minute, but the Giants will come away with the victory.

Giants 24
Cowboys 20

Current record: (1-0)

Week 2 vs Detroit Lions, home opener, Monday Night Football:

The Giants open the season with back to back prime time games, as the Lions come to town for the season opener. The Lions are always one of the teams that are on the bubble. Wouldn’t surprise me if they finish 10-6, or 6-10.

Their defense is suspect, and the Giants will be able to come away with an early victory in their home opener.

Giants 31
Lions 17

Current record: (2-0)

Week 3 at Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles finished last year 7-9, but were trending up towards the end of the season. They have a future franchise QB in Carson Wentz, and he will continue to improve this season with the addition of Alshon Jeffrey and Ronald Darby. They have a strong front seven, but have a questionable secondary that can hold this team back.

The front seven gives the Giants Offensive Line trouble, and the Eagles hand the Giants their first loss of the season.

Eagles 24
Giants 17

Current record: (2-1)

Week 4 at Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

I had Tampa as one of my Wild Card teams last year, and they just fell short at 9-7. I love, love, love Jameis Winston, and the Bucs only got stronger on offense this offseason with the additions of Deshawn Jackson and rookie tight end OJ Howard. I’m all in on the Bucs this year, and think they can compete for the NFC Championship.

This game is a shootout, and the Bucs come out on top.

Bucs 35
Giants 27

Current record: (2-2)

Week 5 vs LA Chargers:

The Giants will be hosting the Chargers coming off two straight losses. The Chargers had an unlucky string of injuries last season and finished an abysmal 5-11. They’re a better team than that, and should be improved this year. With that being said, they still will struggle coming to the east coast to face the Giants in NY. The Giants secondary will give Philip Rivers the business.

The G Men handle the Chargers easily.

Giants 24
Chargers 13

Current record: (3-2)

Week 6 at Denver Broncos (Sunday Night Football):

Another prime time game for the Giants, as they travel to Denver to take on the Broncos. Their defense is still one of the best in the league, but their offense has been on a downward trend since Peyton’s final year. The Broncos have Trevor Siemian, Paxton Lynch, and (LOL) Brock Osweiller all competing for the starting job. Siemian is currently the starter, but that could change by Week 6. You know what they say, when you have two (or three in their case) quarterbacks, you really have none.

The Giants offense struggles against the Broncos D, but the NYPD (New York Pass Defense) bails them out with a pick 6, and they leave Mile High with a win.

Giants 17
Broncos 10

Current record: (4-2)

Week 7 vs Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks are another one of my NFC favorites entering the 2017 season. QB Russel Wilson had a tough season last year, but is going to bounce back and be in the MVP consideration come season end.

The Giants have always struggled playing in Seattle, but luckily get to play the Seahwaks in NY this time around. This is another tight one, but the Giants squeak away with the victory.

Giants 20
Seahwaks 17

Current record: (5-2)

Week 8 Bye

Get the boat cruise out of the way early.

Week 9 vs LA Rams

The LA Rams were 4-12 last year, and those 4 wins were mainly because of their strong defense, because their offense wasn’t doing them any favors. They finally got rid of Mr 8-8 Jeff Fischer, and replaced him with the youngest coach in NFL History, Sean McVay, who is only 31 years of age.

A lot of experts think the Rams will improve this year offensively, as they have added Sammy Watkins and QB Jared Goff has looked good in preseason. The improved offense should help them strong defense improve their win total from last year. Unfortunately for them, this isn’t one of the weeks where they get a W. Giants take care of business at home.

Giants 23
Rams 13

Current record: (6-2)

Week 10 at San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers were worse than the Rams last year (2-12), and they haven’t done much to improve their team entering 2017. The Giants continue to roll and put up 49 against the 49ers.

Giants 49
Rams 17

Current record: (7-2)

Week 11 vs Kansas City Chiefs

When I think of the Chiefs, I think of Arrowhead Stadium. Luckily the Giants don’t have to play their, but they still have to play the Chiefs who looked MIGHTY good on opening night vs the Patriots. If Alex Smith opens up his arm and makes throws like he did last night, paired with the strong Chiefs defense, the entire NFL is in trouble.

The Chiefs frustrate the Giants, and hand break their 5 game winning streak.

Chiefs 27
Giants 17

Current record: (7-3)

Week 12 at Washington Redskins

I wasn’t sold on the Redskins last year, and they did slightly better than I thought. Does Kirk Cousins have it in him to have another outstanding season while playing on a Franchise tag? Losing Pierre Garcon and Deshawn Jackson hurts, but adding Terrelle Pryor and giving Jamison Crowder more targets should even it out.

The Giants bounce back after their loss to the Chiefs, and win a tight division matchup.

Giants 17
Redskins 16

Current record: (8-3)

Week 13 at Oakland Raiders

The Raiders were on a tear last season, and looked like they were set to make a deep playoff run. Then Stud QB Derek Carr broke his fibula in Week 16, and their Super Bowl hopes went down the drain.

They’ll be a Super Bowl contender this year, and will take care of the Giants at home.

Raiders 26
Giants 17

Current record: (8-4)

Week 14 vs Dallas Cowboys

I said earlier that I believe the Cowboys will take a step back, but it’s tough to beat a division team twice in one year. The Cowboys are fighting to stay alive in the playoff race, and come away with the victory this time around.

Cowboys 23
Giants 20

Current record: (8-5)

Week 15 vs Philadelphia Eagles

Again, its tough to beat a division team twice in one year. Eagles got the W in Week 3, Giants get this one.

Giants 27
Eagles 17

Current record: (9-5)

Week 16 at Arizona Cardinals

After being a top NFC team for a few seasons, the Cardinals struggled last year and finished with a 7-8-1 record. Will they bounce back this year, or has their window closed? I think they get off to a hot start, but collapse towards the end of the season. Fortunately for the Giants, they get during the collapse and help bury them.

Giants 31
Cardinals 17

Current record: (10-5)

Week 17 vs Washington Redskins

Entering week 17, the Giants will have playoff spot clinched. The Redskins will already be eliminated. Kirk Cousins will be dealing with rumours and questions from the media to whether he wants to return next season or not ,and the Redskins will not be focused on this game.

Do the Giants need this game to win the division and home field advantage for Wild Card weekend? If they don’t they could easily rest their players and get healthy for the playoffs. But, I believe they do need this game, and they will take care of business and gain momentum entering the playoffs.

Giants 26
Redskins 10

Current record: (11-5)

So there you have it. My crystal ball has the Giants finishing 11-5, and coming away with the NFC East Title. The defense was stupendous last year, and the offense was the biggest thing that held them back in their playoff matchup vs the Packers.

If the offensive line can be serviceable, I honestly believe this team has what it takes to win the Super Bowl.

My official prediction: The Giants have a great run, but they fall short in the NFC Championship Game to the Seahawks.


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