Buffalo Bills Week 3 Preview: Bring The Heat

Literally. It is going to be 83 degrees at kick off, and could get up to 90, which means one thing.

In strolls in the 2-0 Denver Broncos and 7th round quarterback Trevor Siemian. Crazy to think that a 7th round selection can be a legitimate quarterback in the NFL. Us Bills fans should take a note or two. Denver has one of the best offenses in the league. Through two games, they have put up 66 points, and lead the league in rushing yards with 159 yards a game. Remember when the Bills had the best running game in the league? Maybe Lesean should worry about his game rather than Donald Trump…

For some reason, the Bills are only a 3 point dog. How? Sure this defense played lights out last week, but the offense can’t score points. If it is anything like last week, the Bills will lose by 30. The worst part about this is that Robert Woods and Sammy combined for 12 catches, 214 yards, and two scores on Thursday night. WTF! Nobody liked Woods as much as I did when he was here in Buffalo. He suited up every week, ran across the middle, and made some big catches.

Back to the game. If the offense struggles as much as it did last week, it might be time to put Nate Peterman in and let him dance. He played well in week 3 of the preseason, and all the coaches have been raving about him. The Bills next 5 opponents are all playoff contenders (Broncos, Falcons, Bengals, Buccaneers, and Raiders). Might be time to throw the kid into the fire and see what he’s got.

I’m only going to the game tomorrow for the tailgate and to work on my tan. Hit me up if you’ll be there @bwolf_17. Can you say hello Mason Rudolph? Stay thirsty my friends.

Prediction: Broncos 34 – Bills 17


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  1. Nasca

    “Maybe (insert sports player) should worry more about his game than Trump” is the coldest, lamest take out there.


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