The Knicks Offer Tim Hardaway an Outrageous Contract and Hopefully The Hawks Match It

Well the dumbasses are it again. Talk about a franchise that literally couldn’t get it less. Tim Hardaway Jr. has made a big leap since leaving the Knicks two years ago. But a 4 year $71 million offer is way too much for a kid who had 1 good year. 


The Knicks drafted Hardaway Jr. in 2013 before trading him for the No. 19 pick, Jerian Grant, two years later. Clearly, that didn’t work out.

So how in the world does Steve Mills think this is a good idea? Doesn’t anyone understand that the Joakim Noah deal just set us back years? Besides that contract, it could be the second worst in the NBA. 



It’s not even like Hardaway Jr. brings that much to the table. He may have averaged 14.5 ppg. But, you can’t be paying a guy who should be your fifth or best player 18 percent of the cap! 

Another miserable day in the life of being a Knicks fan. Hopefully the Hawks are as dumb as us and match the offer. That would be a sight to see. 


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