NY Mets June Recap: At least GOT starts soon

After a dozen fitful starts and stops, it is time to officially give the three count to the 2017 NY Mets. Another season that started with World Series expectations can officially be written off in familiar fashion. Injuries, awful fielding, and an abysmal bullpen will be the main causes of death on the coroner’s table, but questions need to be asked all the way from the trainer’s table to owner’s office. Why the hell do the same old things happen to the same old Mets?

The Mets season is putrid by even my team’s standards, so we won’t dig too far deep into the cesspool that is the NY Mets. I will instead catalogue all of the things the Mets need to do before the season is formally laid to rest.

Trade everyone not named Conforto and Syndegaard…. I mean trade the aging veterans of value. Bruce, Cabrera, Granderson, and Reed. The Mets have young kids who can fill their positions (besides Reed, but the whole bullpen needs to be locked into an old leaky boat and sunk to the bottom of the sea. This physical manifestation of what they have done to the team on a nightly basis will be cathartic.) Tj Rivera does not get enough credit for his consistent bat and solid defense. He also has the ability, like Flores, to play almost every spot in the infield. Nimmo needs consistent playing time. An outfield of Nimmo, Cespedes, Conforto, and Lagares is a defensive improvement then any combination of Granderson and Bruce. Grandy and Bruce’s hot streaks were irrelevant to season success. Trade them while they still have value.

Bring up the kids. Or kid. Whatever just get Rosario the fuck up here. I hate myself for saying this, but the Mets should replicate the Yankees approach from last year. Re-stock on the fly and let the young guns get a taste of the Majors while we still have these pitchers under contract.
Get rid of Ray Ramirez. I don’t care how. He needs to go. I don’t personally advocate for game of throne type blood sacrifices, I just think it can’t hurt trying. Who knows, maybe David Wright’s back finally heals? Worth a shot.

Bring Big Sexy back. He won’t actually help the team in a statistically productive way, but the thought of a Gif of Bartolo Colon set to the song “bringing sexy back” may be the only source of joy I have this summer.*

The most disappointing part of the season ending so early is knowing what it signifies. Eight years of rebuilding led to a single World Series run followed by two years of squandered opportunity. Our bright young pitchers have quickly flamed out into “what could have beens”. The first day of summer until the All Star break,has been for years, a telling stretch for Met fans. Will this be a long summer, with baseball lasting until October? The heat of the pennant race warming September nights and October afternoons. Or will July and August be devoid of all worthwhile sports entertainment? July 4th weekend usually has Mets fans wondering if Winter is Coming. This year, there is no doubt. For the 2017 Mets, Winter is here.

*Bartolo Colon signed a minor league deal with the Twins, because I’m not allowed even to think about joy.*


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