So You’re Sayin There’s A Chance

With their backs against the wall, the Cleveland Cavaliers extended their season a couple more days with a barrage of three pointers. Like last June, Kyrie Irving may have saved the day for LeBron and company. The former Duke point guard scored a game high 40 points and connected on seven three pointers. As a team, the Cavaliers made 24 threes which set a NBA playoff record. They also set records for most points in a quarter with 49 in the first, and then points in a half with 86.

The Cavs stepped on the throats of the Warriors and never let go. It definitely helps when you make 24 three pointers, but the Cavs were everywhere. The stat that jumps out to me the most is LBJ +/-. When James was on the floor, the Cavs were +32.The next closest was Kevin Love at +18. Let’s keep talking about LeBron. Is this Kyrie’s team now? It was just last year in the Finals when it seemed like Kyrie was hitting all the big shots, and had the ball in his hands when it mattered most. That is what Jordan and Kobe did. There were many tweets fired out last night asking the same question. At the end of the day, this is still LBJ’s team. He makes all of his teammates better, and makes the opponents focus on him, freeing up the rest of the Cavs. Sure Kyrie can create on his own with the best of them, and when he is on, he is on, but it all starts with LeBron.

Last nights contest was chippy and I loved every second of it. Drayman Green is a you know what, and Zaza Pachulia can go suck a fat one as well. Zaza played 16 minutes and produced just 6 points, 3 rebounds, plenty of illegal screens, and lots of shit talking, and just another punch attempt to the groin area.

Oh the officiating last night….PATHETIC. Yes it was a home game for the Cavs, so they got most of the calls, which was evident by the Cavs shooting 20 free throws in the first quarter alone. But holy shit, did they miss a bunch of calls. The Kyrie over and back call that they clearly missed, and the whole screw up on the technical foul that was apparently assessed to Steve Kerr in the first half, but all the reporters thought was on Draymond Green. Hopefully Adam Silver brings in a new crew for game 5.

So Monday night, game 5, another do or die for the Cavs. Can they bring it back to Cleveland? I sure hope so!

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