The NBA Got It Wrong

Editors note: I typed this Sunday afternoon before LeBron shit the bed and only scored 11 points

I wrote my article on who truly deserves the NBA MVP award one month ago from today. You can check it out by clicking here. I gave my case for four legit contenders, but in the end, I felt that only one man truly deserved it. That man was LeBron James. Just a couple of days ago, the NBA announced their three candidates for the award. LeBron James was not included. I repeat, LeBron James was not included. In my article from April, I mentioned how the voters should wait for the end of the playoffs to turn in their votes. If this rule went into effect, LBJ would be the easy choice. Russell got bounced in the first round after only winning one game. James Harden got too tired down the stretch and bowed out to the Spurs, and unfortunately for Kawhi Leonard, it looks like he will miss the rest of the playoffs and get swept by the Warriors.

That leaves us with LeBron. The Cavs are on a 10 game winning streak in these playoffs, and have won their last 13 playoff games after coming back from a 3-1 deficit in last years NBA finals. The King has scored 30+ in his last 8 games, and has been shooting well from beyond the arc. LeBron is the last man standing out of this group and the Cavs will undoubtedly advance to the NBA Finals for a third match up against the Warriors. James and the Cavaliers are only getting better, and that is coming at the best time.

Lets face it. LeBron is the best player in the league right now and should win the MVP award every season. However, there are those that get bored with voting for the same athlete, and may despise him due to his greatness. You know what, fuck those people. Who knows when we will see the next LBJ. Andrew Wiggins hasn’t panned out, Anthony Davis is a super star but always seems injured, and John Wall does a lot of talking, but can’t back it up. Let us enjoy this talent and recognize it for all that is worth god dammit.

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