Is It Time For Major League Baseball To Step In?

Last night on Baseball Tonight: Sunday Night Countdown, host Karl Ravech, Tim Kurkjian and Mark Teixeira discussed the recent bean balls and whether or not the higher ups should get involved. In the past couple of days we saw two incidents involving retaliation. The first took place between the Atlanta Braves and the Toronto Blue Jays after Joey Bats pimped another home run and the Braves took exception. After watching the video below, I didn’t even realize how this all started after Jason Motte quick pitched. Kevin Pillar should look at his own teammate Marcus Stroman who has done the same thing before in the past. There is no rule against a quick pitch, but lets be honest, it is bullshit.

So whether Bautista flipped the bat for Pillar or not, he is still a piece of shit and should be plunked every at bat.

On the west coast, the Dodgers and Marlins had a scuffle after Marlins super star saw a fastball go behind his back. It all started when the Dodgers swung at a 3-0 pitch when they were up 5-0. Apparently there is an unwritten rule saying you shouldn’t do that. 5-0 isn’t a big lead. Teams have scored 6+ runs in an inning this year. The Marlins plunked a Dodgers hitter, and then in the the 9th innings, the Dodgers threw behind Giancarlo Stanton who took exception. Stanton had a shortened season a couple of years ago after being plunked in the face.

So what should be done here? Does MLB have to step in? If a pitcher plunks a hitter, that pitcher should have to face the retaliation, not one of their teammates who did absolutely nothing.

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  1. Bob

    Dear god it’s fine happens 3 times a year and makes it more interesting leave the game alone for **** sake


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