Cavaliers vs Warriors – The Trilogy

We all knew it was coming. It was just a matter of time. The past two NBA champions will go at it again for the third straight time. It is what the people wanted. It’s what ESPN wanted. It is what Adam silver wanted. The “underdog” Cavaliers and the Warriors will look one up each other after splitting the last two series. It does not get much better than that.

The NBA playoffs were a bore, and for the first time ever I have to admit the NHL playoffs have been more entertaining, and it hasn’t even been close. That could all change starting June 1st. The Cavs and Warriors rolled through the first three rounds with a combined record of 24-1, and combined, their average margin of victory was 14.5 points. LeBron and the Cavaliers are getting hot at the right time. The past 13 games have been the best Kevin Love has looked since he joined the Cavaliers, and if Kyrie didn’t earn his dues after last years performance in the Finals, he definitely has now. And The King. Well LBJ is just getting started. Hate on him all you want for going dark on social media during the playoffs, or for watching “The Godfather” multiple times. The man is on a mission and you can’t hate him for that.

For the Warriors and Kevin Durant, it is now or never. Durant made the move to Golden State for one reason and that was to chase the ring.  Now that it is within his grasp, every move, every shot, every turnover will be critiqued and looked talked about by Shaq and Charles. The rest of the Warriors squad knows what needs to be done. They have done it before, against almost the same Cavaliers team. We all know the Warriors can put up points, but what will happen on the other side of the ball. After a shaky series for Zaza against the Spurs, do the Warriors trust Javale McGee to play serious minutes and guard Tristian Thompson? Or will Draymond have to play the 5, and either KD or Iguodala will have to check LeBron?

I think I speak for all hoop heads when I hope this series goes another 7 games. I am pulling for the Cavs and the MVP LeBron James, but there is nothing better than a Game 7 to win it all. That is when the players come to play, and a player or two step up, make a name for themselves, and earn a nice pay day.


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