Who Really, Truly Deserves the MVP?

It is a damn shame that the NBA MVP award is awarded based on regular season success, or should I say personal success. The MVP award used to be named during the NBA playoffs, but this year it will be handed out not only after the NBA Finals are concluded, but also after the NBA draft. With the push back in date, the NBA should include playoff stats and performance in their judgement as well. Where am I going with this? If you don’t already know, then you have not been watching the NBA playoffs thus far.

My tweet from earlier this morning sums it all up. Russell Westbrook had an outstanding season, averaging a triple double and carrying the entire OKC roster which is filled with back up players (maybe not Steven Adams). But does he really deserve the MVP award? His Thunder team is down 2-0 and will most likely only win one game if that against the Rockets. James Harden on the other hand, is worthy of receiving the MVP award, much more so than Russell.

What about Kawhi Leonard? Hard not to vote for him. The quiet assassin who does everything for the Spurs. Let’s not forget the King. LeBron James could honestly win the MVP award every season. Look at what the Cavaliers do, or don’t do when LeBron is riding pine. Sure the Cavs struggled tremendously down the stretch in which LeBron was still on the floor, but if he really wanted to, he could average a triple double during the regular season as well.

So back to Russ. He is the reason KD left OKC and why he will never win a championship. Yes I love how he plays the game, but he took some AWFUL shots in big situations when KD needed the ball in the playoffs.

So I am asking you, the people, who really, truly deserves the NBA MVP award?


Who Deserves The NBA MVP Award?

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