Tinder Is Helping NBA Players’ Performance + I’m All About It

A general manager and former player have both claimed that NBA players are performing better on the road in the modern NBA, in part, because they can use dating apps and social media to meet potential sexual partners rather than staying out late in clubs, according to Tom Haberstroh of ESPN.com.

An anonymous general manager described it as the “Tinderization of the NBA.”

“Tin-der-i-za-tion,” he told Haberstroh, “like the dating app. No need to go to the clubs all night anymore.”

Well well well. This seems like a win-win for everyone involved. Unless you’re a young player in the league, there’s no reason to be out in the clubs. You need to max out your potential, and make millions while you can. Of course, it is important to slay while in the league because sex is chill….

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If I was playing in the NBA, I would be on every dating app. Literally all you have to do is put NBA player in your bio and you will be drowning in….matches. I get a decent number of matches on these apps as a washed-up 27 year old. Those are the girls that cannot be trusted. I keep a keen eye out on any chick who is interested in me. 9 times out of 10 they are out of their mind.

If you can get more sleep and have the same amount of sex, why wouldn’t you? 85 percent of the reason why I drink or go out at all is to hopefully go home with someone. I love my friends but I can talk to them on the phone.

I also think that Instagram would be huge nowadays for the players. Slide into Instagram models’ DMs. Get room service. Have the sex.

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Kudos to the ballers for taking advantage of the jersey-chasers. There are a few things I’d recommend to them.

  1. Put all your valuables in a safe when the ladies come over.
  2. Make sure she’s not insane.
  3. Pull out!!!

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