Tank Season

For the past 15 years the Knicks could have learned something from their mishaps. Obviously the Isaiah years were abysmal. During the Donnie Walsh era, we traded away young players and future draft picks for Carmelo. Some believed that Anthony would bring us a title. Clearly we know now that is the furthest from the truth. But before I start to bash Carmelo, at least he came to a miserable franchise to try and change the culture here. He just…..failed. And now it’s time to look to the future. Even Melo knows it. He was quoted in a press conference yesterday saying, “its highly improbable” the he will finish his career in a Knicks uniform.

Now more than ever, it’s time to tank. We historically love to win MEANINGLESS games in April and May. In 2015, we LUCKED into Porzingis. People forget that we could have had more ping-pong balls that year and #1 overall pick. New York won 3 of their last 4 games that season. I almost died of an aneurysm watching it unfold. Maybe losing those games would have led to Karl-Anthony Towns. But because we found a gem in the rough in Kristaps, we as fans let it slide.

Last year we still felt the carry-over from the Carmelo trade. We didn’t have a first round pick. This year we got older, fell more into a hole as a doomed franchise. But there is something the Knicks are doing right this season. They are starting to get self aware. Through the Oakley controversy, the Phil cryptic tweets, and the Melo drama, the franchise as a whole knows they are not very good. Because of this, the young guns have played more minutes, and the veterans have realized this is no place for them. First it was Brandon Jennings, and soon it will be others. Hopefully Joakim Noah will sit in a suit and tie for the rest of his contract, and the young European players will grow as a unit.

But most importantly, there are 12 games left. The Knicks currently are tied for the sixth worst record in the NBA. There is virtually no shot of having a worse record than the Lakers, Suns or Nets. But if we continue to tank, the Magic, Sixers and Kings may just slide right ahead of us. Imagine if we could somehow get a top 3 pick? Realistically there are 5 guys I’d be perfectly fine with. 3 of them are still left in the tourney, and all of them can flat out BALL. This is how they are ranked on most mock simulators.






At the end of the day, I want Lonzo. He seems like the perfect Savior. It’s time to tank Knicks. We need the Ball family for content and winning alike.

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  1. Old School

    It’s time to tank Jackson, Mills and Dolan…like DC…drain the swamp and start over. They are a hopeless organization….I was a fanatical fan for the first 20 years of my life and then started watching again for the Ernie and Bernie show…through Oak, Mason, Starks, Patrick…then stopped watching again after that and have not watched a game since….waiting for something to watch..they need to dump. Anthony, Rose and start over.


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