NFL QB Carousel News (Romo, Tyrod, Glennon, Hoyer, Kaepernick, Cutler, Garoppolo, Geno)

NFL Free Agency begins at 4pm et today and QB’s are already agreeing to terms. But before we get into where people have gone, we have to talk about Tony Romo. He is expected to be released by the Cowboys today. I am very pleased with this news. As much as I have hated him throughout the years, it was because of his ability on the field. I have always wanted to root for the guy. Now I will get the chance to. My prediction is that he ends up with the Broncos. He would have the receivers in Demaryius and Emmanuel Sanders and a top 3 defense that practically won the Super Bowl on their own in 2016. The only thing that squad is missing is a quarterback.

Huge news for Bills Mafia. Tyrod Taylor has reconstructed his contract and will stay with the Buffalo Bills. I personally think it’s a good move for the franchise. When you have guys like Mike Glennon inking a 3 year deal worth $43.5 million with the Bears, you thank your lucky stars that you have Tygod. That’s just my take on the situation. I will defer to Nasca though. I’m sure we will get his thoughts today on the deal. #GoBills

Brian Hoyer agreed to a two year deal with the 49ers. This seems like a good fit. John Lynch and Brian Hoyer will probably drink muscle milk together and figure out how to make the 49ers great again. At least they got rid of the cancer that is Colin Kaepernick.

Speaking of Kaepernick, he is still on the market. I personally don’t think he deserves a shot at QB1 to start the season. But maybe a place like Jacksonville makes sense? Put some pressure on Blake Bortles who seems to care more about having fun on podcasts than studying a playbook.

Jay Cutler is a name that has been thrown around a bunch the past few weeks. Technically he is under contract until 2020, but all signs point to him leaving this offseason. I’ve been keeping my ears to the ground on Cutty. He could go to the Jets which hopefully will not happen for their sake if they are trying to rebuild. The other team I have heard about is Miami. The Dolphins seems to make sense considering he is actually affordable at $12.5 million this year and they were a playoff team last season. Only time will tell.

I would be remiss not to mention Jimmy Garoppolo who could still be moved by the Pats if the price is right. But I doubt this will happen because the Patriots are practically shoe-ins already to return to the AFC Championship with him on the roster.

Geno Smith will officially become a free agent at 4pm today. If you follow us in any capacity, you know I’m anti-Geno. Will he stay with the Jets or find a spot where he can grow as a backup? Who knows. Flex will be filling us in on the Jets QB situation shortly.

The only other news to report as far as QBs is Matt Schaub signed a two-year, $9 million deal with the Falcons. This isn’t really news other than the fact that the Falcons are still an organization after that loss to the Patriots in the Super Bowl. Now please excuse me while I go throw up.


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