Brandon Marshall Is A New York Giant

What a day. It has just been confirmed that the New York Football Giants have signed Brandon Marshall to a two-year, $12 million deal.

Nothing better than getting this news 10 minutes before you are done with work for the day, and even better when you can report the news to the best producer in NY Radio in Al Dukes, (not to brag).

This signing is absolutely huge for the GMEN. It 100% solidifies the Giants as the top receiver core in the NFL. When you have two elite pass catchers on the outside in ODB and BMarsh and can keep Sterling Sheppard in the slot, there are no limits what this offense can do.

Now we don’t have to worry about going out and getting a receiver in the draft. Jerry Reese can focus on drafting on the offensive line, which desperately needs help, as well as the running back and tight end positions.

While he showed some spunk and speed at the end of the season, having Paul Perkins as the only rb on the roster is concerning. But first and foremost, the o-line needs to be addressed before we can pump our chests or set our minds on an NFC East Title. Protection for Eli will be the reason this team will sink or swim next year. For now, I will enjoy this beautiful sunny day, and get ready for Tebow’s first swings at Spring Training. Follow all of his at bats live on our periscope @thesportschill. #SmashWednesday

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