Ok listen, yes I hate the Patriots. But, I’m over the Super Bowl LI already.

Truth be told, I don’t have any animosity towards Tom Brady (the fans are a different story). Tom is a winner, the second best quarterback of all-time.*** But kissing your dad on the lips is vile.

Brady got emotional and cried during his press conference in Houston last week. When asked, “who is your hero” by a reporter, he teared up after answering, “My dad.”

I bit my lip last week. I wanted to call him a bitch but I didn’t. Maybe I would have shed a tear if I was in his shoes. Who knows? I’m a huge, “I love my dad guy.”

My dad legitimately might be my best friend. I try to give my him a hug everyday (for the record he hates this). But if I tried to kiss him on the lips he would punch me DIRECTLY in the face and I would deserve it.

Moral of the story, don’t kiss your dad. In fact, don’t kiss any of your relatives on the lips. I didn’t think I would have to ever tell someone this, but apparently I do.


PS- If you’re asking who’s the greatest QB off all-time?


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  1. Greg

    Dude seriously?! Stop hating and stop being so damn judgemental. Maybe it’s your relationship that’s f’d up if your Dad would “punch you in the face”… What I would do to hug, kiss or just see my Dad again after his passing many years ago.
    Grow up…


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