Phil Tweets Shot At Melo, Escalating Feud (Tweet Translated Because Phil Thinks He’s Shakespeare)

Ah the New York Knicks. The bane of my existence. The reason why I wake up mornings at 3am and cry like a bitch. The franchise is an abomination, an atrocity, a plague that encapsulates what New York sports are right now.

To make matters worse, this post isn’t even about a game. It’s bad enough that the Knicks lost to the second worst team in the league in the Lakers on Monday night. This post is about our team president who was supposed to bring back winning to New York City. A guy with 11 rings, and smokes more weed than Seth Rogen. Maybe he was high when he took this shot at Melo. Hopefully, because I had to do some research to find exactly what the fuck Phil was talking about. Here’s the tweet:

Now the breakdown:

“Bleacher’s Ding” – Bleacher Report’s Kevin Ding who wrote a piece yesterday on how Carmelo Anthony didn’t fit the role as a Phil Jackson superstar. For example, he’s no Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant (no shit).

“Rings the bell” – Jackson is admitting that Ding is on point in saying that Melo doesn’t care about winning enough.

“But I learned you don’t change the spot on a leopard” – He can’t change who Carmelo is. He overestimated himself and Anthony that they couldn’t come together and win.

With Michael Graham in my CBA” – Michael Graham was a great player at Georgetown who played aside Patrick Ewing in the 80’s. He never made the NBA because he was a maniac with no discipline. Jackson coached him on the Albany Patriots in the Continental Basketball Association. Graham eventually got dismissed mid-season after fighting with Phil during a game.

“Daze” – Days, Phil is a stoner.

Honestly, I don’t even hate the tweet. We need to get Anthony out of town any way possible. But Jackson probably shouldn’t roll up a spliff before he gets on Twitter. Maybe he should just fight Melo in person. That would at least be embarrassingly fun.

PS – Shout out to my hot professor at Loyola who taught me about Willy Shakespeare. Without her, this post isn’t possible.

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