Noah Syndergaard Added 17 Pounds Of Muscle This Offseason With The “Bowl Of Doom”

Noah Syndergaard comes into the 2017 season as the Mets ace for all intents and purposes. After it was determined that he didn’t need surgery on his elbow this offseason, Noah decided he was gonna get brolic. He worked out in Dallas like a madman and added 17 pounds of muscle. Noah gives credit to his high protein diet. Syndergaard said that his diet, “primarily consisted of the Bowl of Doom.”

So what is the “Bowl of Doom?”

It consists of:

  1. sweet potato hash with bacon
  2. buffalo
  3. venison sausages
  4. avocado
  5. scrambled eggs

This sounds amazing. I tried to copy it as much as possible this morning, because I mean, it is “bulking season.”

But realistically my sausage, potatoes, eggs didn’t do it justice.

I promise A “Bowl of Doom” review will come soon. All I need to find is venison, and I know a guy who hunts deer like the guy in Bambi, not to brag. This is what it should look like.

I won’t speak too much on the Mets because I came out of the womb wearing a Yankees jersey. But I will say this; a rotation of Syndergaard, de Grom, Harvey, Matz, and Wheeler to start the season off is fire. As for the “Bowl of Doom,” we will have to wait and see.


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