James Dolan And I Need More Shots

It must be horrible to be surrounded by yes men.  How can you better yourself without constructive criticism or be introspective when no one has ever told you that you suck. The Knicks will never win a NBA championship with the lead singer of JD and Straight Shot as owner.  No one wants to play for a man who organized the Guinness Book World Record for most kazoos played at the same time.  Kazoos are the musical equivalent of a man passing a kidney stone…several kidney stones.  

This is the opening line from the JD and the Straight Shot webpage: Americana band JD & The Straight Shot – featuring vocalist/guitarist Jim Dolan whose voice the New York Post calls “reminiscent of Tom Waits and Randy Newman”.  This is not a compliment but Dolan takes it as one.  Tom Waits sounds like gargled molten lava and Randy Newman needs to take ex-lax.   How oblivious can you be when only 400 people buy a record of yours? The only way to make Dolan a worse human being is if he wore a fedora…never mind he does. Check out this song below, it makes me want to club baby seals.

That’s the type of song you play when you shove glass rods down your dick hole then proceed to tenderize your dick with a mallet.  This is the person we are dealing with as Knick fans.  If you are into S&M without Safe words watch this car crash.

That video makes me jealous of deaf people.  I think Charles Oakley should have appreciated the ban while it lasted because watching the Knicks is unbearable.  All that wasted talent enveloped by the most untalented man in history.  JD has the social skills of mid-80s serial killer. The uplifting of the ban cannot change my mind on that. 

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