THE GIANTS WILL ___________ ON SUNDAY: My Preview and Prediction

Happy 2017 to anyone who didn’t read my heart felt post thanking you all and letting you know know how much I love you. Don’t worry this article won’t be like the last one. I’m not about to get all warm and fuzzy on you now.

It’s playoff football time and I should have worn a diaper this week. There were a couple of real close calls. Like that one time I turned on ESPN and that one guy said, “It was the Packers’ year. Or the other time when I turned on Fox Sports 1 and that other guy said, “WHEWWW This is gonna be a tough game for the Giants.”

The New York Football Giants are in the playoffs for the first time since the 2011 season. That year I was still in college, about 20 pounds lighter, and had no direction in life. Maybe I should have tried losing this year’s Holiday weight this week to get down to my “watching weight.” I’m pretty superstitious so running around my hometown in a garbage bag probably would have worked. I mean it worked for Bradley Cooper in it’s Silver Linings Playbook.

I hate stat checking just as much as I hate long lines at Hershey Park. I am usually puking in a bag and asking if I can eat more chocolate at the end of it, but it’s usually worth it. So sit back and enjoy the ride.

Who: Giants @ Packers
What: NFC Wild Card Game
When: Sunday, 4:40 ET
Where: Lambeau Field
Why: For an opportunity to win three more games, in order to raise a shiny trophy named Lombardi.

The Giants are one of 6 “new” playoff teams this year. They join Dallas, Detroit, Atlanta, Miami and the Raiders as the “New Kids on The Block.” Realistically, the NFC is the reason I should be wearing the diaper: it’s a crapshoot.

As for the AFC, the Patriots will be playing in Houston like Hakeem and Clyde did back in the 90’s. So sorry to the fans of the Chiefs, Steelers, Texans, Raiders and Dolphins; you will be shit out of luck very very soon.

But on to the game.

The Packers have won 3 of their 4 last matchups against the Giants. This year it was a 23-16 loss in week 5. But, so many things have changed. The Giants are now a beast of a defense. Some would say they are Aaron Rodgers’ worst nightmare. Lets get into some stats to prove it.

1.The Giants finished second in the league in points allowed per game (17.8.)
2. The GMEN were just one of two teams to finish with more interceptions (17) than touchdown passes allowed (15.)
3. They have allowed fewer than 10 points in three of their four last games.

Moreover, who really gives a fuck about a week 5 game in the REGULAR season? Everybody knows that Elisha Manning is an a PLAYOFF quarterback.

Seriously, people need to chill out with all the Eli Manning hate. The playoffs are a whole different beast. The only difference is that Eli doesn’t know the difference between the regular season and the playoffs. In the past four playoff games, he has 1,219 passing yards, 9 TD’s and 1 interception. For all the nerds out there, that equates to 103.3 quarterback rating. The most important stat of them all? He is 2-0 at Green Bay in the postseason.

In addition, rookie running back Paul Perkins seems to be relatively good. He had 102 rushing yards last week, his first career 100-yard game. Odell Beckham Jr. is Odell Beckham Jr., and thank God we have him. It was another exceptional season from the best after the catch WR in NFL history.  I would be remiss not to mention Sterling Shepard. He ranked second among NFL rookies in receptions (65) and receiving yards (683). It will be both of these guys first playoff games in the NFL, so hopefully Eli has been rubbing off on them.

There is no beating around the bush; Aaron Rodgers is a great quarterback. He led the league in TDs this season and has the fifth best QB rating in playoff history (98.2). Additionally, he has been out of this world good the past 6 weeks. In fact, in the last 6 games, Aaron and the Packers are 6-0. Rodgers has thrown 15 touchdowns and ZERO interceptions with a 121.0 rating. But, and there’s a huge BUT, I have been connecting some dots.

6 is a magical number.

Just like the Packers 6 games winning streak, I was correct in picking the outcome of Giants’ games in 6 straight weeks. Then last week, I incorrectly picked that the Giants would lose to the Redskins. SO JUST LIKE MY PICKING STREAK, THE PACKERS WINNING STREAK WILL END AT 6.

Prediction: Giants 20 Packers 17


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  1. The Grinch

    Elisha will need to put up some points and rather than passing to only one receiver per week, he needs to distribute the ball to all his receivers and in the red zone refrain from passing to his TE’s who are terrible. Luckily for the Jints the GB secondary is not all that good. I like the Giants chances but Rodgers is on fire…the weather will not bother te Giants at all…they need to keep feeding Perkins…he is a beast who always comes away with positive yardage.


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