I Just Pooped My Pants A Little; The Giants Will Be Playing _______ In The First Round

The Giants had another outstanding display of football on Sunday in the Meadowlands. I will continue not to brag with my fifth correct pick on the Giants’ games. That’s not what this is about. But I mean, lets face the facts, I know my football team.

The defense showed up once again and is legitimately starting to get me excited. Not over the fence excited, but excited enough to say that I believe we will make the playoffs. I know this proclamation is just as easy as adding 2 + 2, but when you haven’t made the playoffs since 2011, you have to take baby steps. I am taking the Bellichickian “were on to Cincinnati” approach. Funny thing about that is the last time we were there, his genius brain was the team heading to the locker-room his head down as Eli raised another trophy.

With the Patriots on their annual tear of the NFL, it really does look like they will ultimately be coming out of the AFC again. Is it a guarantee? No, but the AFC looks like a shell of itself and I would set the chances as high as 80 percent, especially when they inevitably lock up home-field advantage. Yes they may not have Gronk, but Martellus Bennett is the Steve Young of backups. If that doesn’t make sense for some youngsters, Bennett is a really good tight end which will make Brady miss Gronk exponentially less. So as I sit here and proclaim that the Pats will be heading to Super Bowl 51, why have I spent 10 percent of this article about the hottest team in the NFL? It’s because the Giants’ playoff road is gonna be like the first time Lewis and Clarke headed west.

It’s very likely that the GMEN will end up as the 5 seed in the NFC. All the Cowboys need to do is win a game or have the Giants lose one. It’s pathetic that the two teams with the best records don’t just get the byes. Seattle is legit sitting right now with a bye while New York who has a better record hasn’t even clinched. However, I digress.

Because I am the guru that I am, (my track record should speak for itself at this point), the Giants will face the winner of the NFC North. Currently the Lions sit at 9-5 and Green Bay is at 8-6. They face off in week 17 with the winner being the shoe-in for the 4 seed. Seeing that Aaron Rodgers tames the Lions like Siegfried and Roy, the Giants will be facing the Green Bay Packers in the first round.


It’s obviously the one team I am terrified to face. But nonetheless, you heard it here first.


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