Did The Bills Make The Right Move?

The news came out today that Buffalo Bills second year head coach Rex Ryan has been relieved of his duties as well as his brother Rob Ryan. If you hurry up and check twitter, fans are rejoicing. The writing was on the wall and #BillsMafia couldn’t wait for this day to come. But was it the right decision?

Rex has always stood up to the media and answered honestly, and as any great coach should do, he took the blame instead of putting it on his players. Sure it was Rex’s call to punt on 4th down and a long 2 with four minutes left in overtime, with a win as the only outcome to survive and advance. But it wasn’t Rex’s fault for not being the 11th defender on the field on when Jay Ajayi broke the long run which eventually led to the game winning field goal. You also can’t put the blame on Rex for Dan Carpenter continuing to miss field goals. Did Rex have his faults? Absolutely, but he was a players coach and always stood up for his guys.

In steps in OC Anthony Lynn and a Bills team that is in shambles. What happens with Tyrod? Do the Bills trade Shady and make Gillislee the feature back? Does anyone else want Sammy? Who is going to pay Gilmore a lot of money? Have fun Anthony. Oh ya, you might have one of the worst General Managers in the league.

This guy knows what’s up.

If you couldn’t tell by now, I was hoping Rex would get at least a third season under his belt. Totally fine with Rob leaving as he provided nothing for this team. Two years, or 31 games is too short. Look at Jeff Fisher. He coached the Rams for five seasons. Rex came in hot when first hired, got everybody’s hopes up, and continued the trend of not making the playoffs. They couldn’t even keep him around for a week 17 match up against the Jets? The Bills did him dirty. If Pegula really wants to make a statement and get this team in the right direction, he needs to get rid of Whaley and possibly Russ Brandon as well.

Whatever the case may be, the takes will be hot this week, and the draft can’t come soon enough. Here is to the Bills making the playoffs in 2018!

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