What Would You Do After Getting 36 Stitches?

You most likely wouldn’t score a game winning goal in a hockey game. But that is because like myself, you are a pussy. Columbus Blue Jacket Matt Calvert is not a pussy. During last nights contest against the New York Rangers, Calvert took a slap shot to the face which required 36 stitches. Here is video of the injury.

Ugly right? Blood gushing everywhere on the ice, skating off on his own with a towel covering the cut. And then what do you know? This mother fucker comes back onto the ice in the third period and ends up scoring what would be the game winning goal. Hats off to Matt Calvert for not being a pussy. They always say NHL players are the toughest. Guess they may be right on this one.

No doubt he banged at least 3 different chicks last night. He doesn’t even have to tell them he is a professional hockey player.

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