The New Trailer For ‘Patriots Day’ Looks Awesome!

Remember this day like it was yesterday. Sitting in my cube scrolling through twitter when BAM! It just hit you and you had to refresh and check other news outlets to see if it was actually real. Big Cat and El Pres from Barstool were all over it. The Boston PD scanner was going off, and the shit was intense. Then it was the chase, the gas station, the hunt. It was hours, then minutes, and then second when they caught that mother fucker. After such a horrific event, I am sure the people of Boston had tears of joy and sadness similar to 2004 when the Red Sox won the World Series.

Some people may think it is to soon for a movie to emerge, and that Hollywood is exploiting a tragedy for the sake of making money. Mark Wahlberg is just a Boston guy who wants to tell the story the right way, and the right way is to tell the story of the victims, and those who acted with no thought to save lives and protect others. What made this story great was the Red Sox rallied around a city, and won their third World Series in 9 seasons. David Ortiz put it best when the Red Sox returned to Boston.

Look at how this city, and this country rallied for one cause. Now look at what is going on across this country with these protests. It is fucking disgusting. Sports brings this country together and offers a place to get away from everything and watch special athletes showcase their talents and let us forget about these awful events for a couple of hours. What doesn’t help is when pieces of shits like Colin Kaepernick and Mike Evans disrespect this great country by kneeling and sitting during the national anthem. Fuck em. Fuck em all who want to act like that.

Patriots Day comes out December 21st. Go do yourself a favor and go watch it in theatre. Don’t wait for it to come out on DVD or Netflix.

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