Receivers Corner – Week 12

What’s up, what’s up, what’s up? Hope everyone has had a phenomenal week leading up to this point. Hey, it’s Wednesday. Just one more day until football is back on and we can see these great receivers do what they do! We had another great week for wide receivers as we saw 13 of them go over the century mark. Now just a couple things before I give out my receiver of the week.

First off, I’ll continue to say it, my boy Terrelle Pryor has been giving DB’s THAT WORK all season! It was an ideal week for me, TP has a clip against my Giants and the Giants weren’t the Browns first loss. Secondly, Odell Beckham Jr is the GAWD! Just watch the punt return. And lastly before the award goes out, Antonio Brown, stop playing with these corners please. My man had 5 catches and 3 were tuddys. More then 50% of his catches were touchdowns. Now yes that’s a small sample size only catching 5 passes…but still, who does that?!?!

Now this week was a tough one for receiver of the week. But any time you have over 150 I have to give it to you. So congratulations to Emmanuel Sanders of the Denver Broncos for receiving the award this week. Sanders dusted an excellent Chiefs secondary for 7 receptions, 172 yards, and a tuddy. Sanders in fact does have some of the best route running ability in the NFL. He is crisp in and out of his breaks and if that double move post last year against the Chargers doesn’t prove that then I’m not quite sure what tape you’re watching and you might possibly need some bifocals. Sanders moved around a ton in the Monday night game, from outside receiver to the slot, and he gave it to whoever lined up against him. I’ve missed his exuberant play this year, and I’m hoping this might be a break out game for him with 5 weeks left in the season.

Another quick side note before I get on out of here. For you Jets fans, now I think this is a question that holds substance, Quincy Enunwa is NICE! And not nice like I’ve seen him make one play and it was good so I’m saying he’s nice. No no no Enunwa is and can be the real deal. Moving forward, B Marsh, Eric Decker, Quincy Enunwa; that’s a solid receiving core right there. Go out and get another quarterback to gel this thing together please. Don’t let that talent go to waste.

Hope everything is everything with everyone, and remember JUST SMILE!

-Nick Vallo

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