Buffalo Bills Week 11 Preview: Hunting Season

To the tens of thousands of millions of readers who reached out on Friday demanding a Bills preview I apologize for the delay. I, like most Bills fans, am having trouble coming to grips with the fact that the 2016 Bills are exactly the same as the 2000-2015 Bills. One of these years I’m gonna get used to it.

The Seattle game hurt more than any game in recent memory. The difference between 5-4 and 4-5 heading into a bye week is gut wrenching. You cant blame the refs but they sure as shit didn’t help. The no-call on Richard Sherman roughing the kicker, which he was later fined for, was the difference in the Bills needing a touchdown vs a field goal in the final drive where Tyrod impressively led the Bills into the redzone.

On that note what the hell are we going to do with Tyrod? He was AWESOME in Seattle. Many people saying it was the best game of his career. What happens if we go 8-8 and he plays fantastic the rest of the way? We gotta keep him right?

Whether we decide to keep everyone or fire everyone will depend on the output in the final stretch of the season. The Bills are going to win a couple games, we’re gonna see that stupid freaking graphic on CBS that reminds us we’re “In the hunt”. It’s not realistic unless we win 4 straight but they’ll still throw it up there to torture us.

As far as the Cinci game, I don’t know. AJ Green probably catches 6 passes for 171 yards. The Bills have there moments and we lose by a touchdown.

Reasons to feel good:

Again, the jerseys, we’re gonna look sick…


Shady is healthy. We saw it in Seattle, he’s back.


Cant believe I’m typing this but…Tyrod

Catching with two hands is overrated. ? #TyrodTime

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Prediction: BILLS 22 Bengals 17


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