Anthony Davis vs DeMarcus Cousins

Was bored in my cubicle yesterday at work and clicked on Bleacher Report and couldn’t believe the title that I read front and center.

AD vs. Boogie: Which Big Man Will America Choose?


Are you fucking kidding me? Is this really a question. Click bait at its finest. The only similarity these two will ever have is that they attended the University of Kentucky. Other than that, Anthony Davis trumps Cousins and here is why.

Yes they both play on shitty teams right now. For Cousins, the Kings have always sucked. For the Pelicans and AD, they are battling some injuries and family emergencies in the case of Jrue Holiday. Since Cousins joined the Kings in 2010, they have gone through six head coaches. In Davis’s five seasons, the Pelicans have only had to get rid of one coach in Monty Williams. Cousins can definitely be a part of the blame for the open door of coaches coming in.

Cousins is a head case. In his first six seasons, Boogie racked up 93 technical fouls. Sure some of them may be for just clapping in the refs face, but it is the reputation he carries which is the reason for the short whistle. Don’t expect that to change anytime soon. It is shit like this that just can’t happen anymore.

And no doubt that was a block. His feet were still moving when he made contact.

We haven’t even looked at the numbers part yet. While it may be a smaller sample size for Davis, the numbers speak for themselves. Just take a look at what AD has done the first couple games this season. Boogie averages just over 20 points a game, who Davis is just over 21. Cousins does have AD by a full rebound, but Davis has a field goal percentage of 51.6% while Cousins is at 46.1. In regards to player efficiency rating, Cousins has a 21.9 rating while Davis boasts a 26.5. For win shares (an estimate of the number of wins by a player), Cousins comes in at 30.7 while Davis is at 39.3.

The only knock on Davis is that he is injury prone. When healthy he is a top 5 player in the league.

If you are a GM and had to choose to build your franchise around either player, they would all select Anthony Davis, or at least they should.

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