Wake Up To Soccer Player Dabbing Mid-Game

I don’t like this move, I absolutely love it. There is nothing better than showboating in sports. Either the Showoff absolutely clowns on the defender, or he gets embarrassed in front of thousands of fans. It a win/win scenario for all of us.

I wonder if Cam Newton was sitting at home during his week off (concussion) and in his haze thought, “I have to do this.” I honestly wouldn’t put it past a guy who flosses his teeth on the sidelines and wears straw hats.

And as for the dab, it is never going away. I have friends who teach elementary school and they tell me that it has been happening daily for the past years and is only getting worse. In fact it’s evolving. These kids are sneezing into the dab which is amazing. It’s fun to do and it’s impossible to┬ámess up – the perfect dance combo for anyone without rhythm.

Long live the dab.


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