The Wolf’s POS Of The Week

It is only Thursday morning, but I already have my POS of the week. I don’t even have to wait until the weekend for football. Some of you may know who Nick Kyrgios is. Some of you may not. As the number 12th ranked tennis player in the world, the 21 year old Australian has crazy talent. He claims to fear no opponent and says he always plays aggressively, and has been described as a pleasure to watch because of his mixture and the flair.

So why is Kyrgios a piece of shit? On Wednesday, the charismatic Kyrgios lost in straight sets to the 112th ranked player in the world. No big deal. Everyone loses every now and then. But it was how he lost. No effort. Not trying. Just blatantly tanking. Kyrgios literally did not try and instead embarrassed himself and forced the fans to boo and criticize him. Check out this quick video of him serving.

I can understand that he is exhausted, He just won the Japan Open three days earlier and the tennis season is a grind with all the travel to different tournaments and appearances an athlete must make. However that is part of your job. He has already earned $3.5 million dollars, as a 21 year old. If that is not enough motivation then maybe it is time to find a new profession. What made this display even worse was his post match presser. Take a listen.

Roger Clemens put it best when he said, “I am intense, no question about it. Every time I toe the rubber, it’s no different for me than it was in the World Series. That might be somebody’s only chance to see me pitch. They might have driven four hours to get there. I’m going to be out there if I can help it.” As corny as it sounds, I tried to live by that motto when I was toeing the rubber at SUNY Brockport (D-III school). You never know who was coming to watch you play, so you might as well make each pitch, each serve, each shot, each pass route count.

Who knows how the ATP will handle this. They can fine him, or suspend him, but one thing I do know, is that Nick Kyrgios is definitely my piece of shit of the week.



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