The Wolf’s POS Of The Week

As I was driving home from the gym this morning scrolling trough my twitter timeline, I noticed a tweet from Mike and Mike. It was a quote from Louis Riddick,

BAM! This shit is right on the money. Riddick not only calls out Josh Brown and the New York Giants, but he is calling out Roger Goodell, the NFL commish. Riddick isn’t the only voice speaking about this matter. Randy Moss had some words during yesterday’s “Sunday NFL Countdown”.

“[It’s] breast cancer awareness month, where we’re sitting here supporting the women and then you come up with this Josh Brown where it doesn’t seem like we are supporting women,” Moss said. “So I think the NFL really needs to take a deep look. I think owners are mad and Roger Goodell, he is the biggest reason to all of this stuff that’s falling downhill with the NFL.”

It blows my mind. As os Friday, Brown was placed on the commissioner’s exempt list. Who knows for how long. At the end of August, Giants owner John Mara publicly backed his kicker, even after documents surfaced that Brown had been arrested in 2015 for an alleged domestic violence episode and that his wife had claimed to police there had “been more than 20 incidents.” Brown should have been suspended indefinitely, and the Giants should have released him. Look back at the Ray Rice incident. If there was video of Brown beating his wife, would this even be a topic anymore?

Lets face it, Roger Goodell sucks at his job. DeAngelo Williams was fined $5757 just last season for wearing eyeblack with the saying “Find the cure” with pink ribbons on it, during October which just so happens to be Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Roger Goodell is a fucking piece of shit and I am embarrassed to say that he was born in the same state as me, just down the road in Jamestown, New York. How much longer will this man serve as the head of the NFL. Not only does he look bad, but the league isn’t doing so hot either. Ratings are down 11%,  we have to watch teams play games in London, and the level of play is diminishing. Nobody wants to watch a 6-6 tie on Sunday Night.

Roger Goodell, you are a piece of shit.

John Mara, you are a piece of shit.

And Josh Brown, you are a piece of shit.

Damn it felt good to get that off my chest.

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