Giants Win, Manfred > Goodell, NFL = EPL – My Column

Good Monday morning ladies and gents. That London game was fun, huh? Just another reason why American football is greater than that European Futbol. No ties, just like our founding fathers would have wanted it.


At this point of the season you must have heard that the NFL’s ratings are down. Some point to the presidential race, others to overexposure, and now baseball has topped the NFL once again. The latest Nielson ratings are in this morning and the Cowboys/Eagles game got destroyed by game 5 of Indians/Cubs. So maybe Roger Goodell should start listening to me when I say that Rob Manfred is the best Commissioner in sports?

Rob Manfred introduces Cal Ripken Jr. as the Senior Advisor to the Commissioner on Youth Programs and Outreach.


Now onto the pressing matter at hand: the New York Football Giants. Yes, they were on a bye. But they moved out of the basement of the NFC East to second place by not playing a single snap. Shoutout to Redskins’  head coach Jay Gruden not knowing that there can be ties in the NFL. He took a play right out of Donovan McNabb’s playbook circa 2008. You really gotta wonder if John and Jay were groomed in the same home or if Jay was the one that was sent “away” for school. Either way, I’m perplexed how a head football coach in the NFL could be this stupid.


Then Sunday night came and the Cowboys and Eagles were in another barn burner. The Eagles’ special teams play kept them in the game yet again. But it was too little too late as Dak Prescott and the Cowboys drove down the field in OT to seal the deal.


I would be remiss not to mention that the New York Rangers put up a 6 spot as they trounced the Lightning. However, I have been reminded time and time again that nobody cares about hockey.



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