Murphy’s Law

January 7th, 2016. Washington Nationals sign Daniel Murphy. A month removed from a more famous day of Infamy. I was still recovering from the bittersweet drink that was the 2015 World Series run. I felt nothing when they announced it. The playoff hero was cast off in a roster move that made complete sense. We had a top 2nd base prospect waiting in the wings and reliable cheap veteran options to hold the bag in the meantime. A slap hitter, roller coaster fielder, who could make you groan and cheer in the same inning. Murphy was the perfect Met in many ways. I wished him luck playing grab ass with Bryce BieberHarper. I shrugged it off. The Mets just made the World Series; it’s a new hope! I made a promise to ignore my always active New York Sport pending disaster meter. I should have known better. Pessimists and Irish folk all over the world recognize the phrase “Murphy’s law.” I will describe it for the unfamiliar: everything that can go wrong, will go wrong. I can not think of a more fitting way to describe the New York Mets 2016 campaign.

The last time I put finger to key to write to my friend Matt Harvey (still waiting on those drinks Matt!), I made two incredibly incredibly wrong statements. I thought Matt was physically okay and just experiencing a mental battle. Heck, after that letter, for several games it seemed he was rebounding and finding his form. Soon after, it became very clear his arm had less power than a Prius and he was shut down for the season quicker than an all you can eat brunch buffet that Melissa McCarthy walked into. I then told Matt that we had enough depth to make a deep playoff run without him. Ha. Haha ahaha. Holy shit was I wrong.

Since the end of May, the following Met’s players have all had significant time on the DL or have had their season ended:
David Wright
Lucas Duda
Travis D’arnaud (actually we wouldn’t mind if you go back)
Juan Lagares
Yoenis Cespedes
Matt Harvey
Adrsusabal Cabrera
Jim Henderson
Logan Verrett
Jose Reyes (no comment)

Our top prospect, Michael Conforto, has forgotten how to hit. The overpaid bullpen arm bastardo was traded back to his team for Jon Nose. Thor and Matz both are dealing with bone spurs. The original “golden arm” is perpetually Wheeled back to the doctors with setbacks. What the fuck happened??!

A wise man once said that a well-stocked farm system is the cousin of depth. When Nas wrote down those fateful words he must have been contemplating the Yankee farm system, which at the time had Derek Jeter, Bernie Williams, Mariano Rivera, Jorge Posada, etc… I bring this up to highlight the predicament the Mets now find themselves in. Sandy, in his efforts to bring a ring back to flushing has instead flushed all of his ringers away. Our 2nd base heir apparent shipped out. The pitchers to replace Harvey, Verrett, and Wheeler are all dazzling for other folks now. I don’t say this to criticize the man, I love what he did last season and I would stand behind him doing it all over again. From a logical statistical perspective, it is baffling how things have worked out this year. Thankfully (well I’m not really that thankful), that type of reasoning has no place in the Citi of Queens.

Back to Murphy’s law. You didn’t really think I would forgot about Daniel, did you? Or you just thought I was willfully ignoring him. Nope, no no no. I’m not that kind of guy. Plus, I officially know Murphy’s stats better than anyone else in baseball thanks to my dear friend, co-worker, and Nationals fan, Cbo. If you are reading this, I hope you trip and fall face first into a baseball bat. I digress. Murphy has broken records, is on the path to MVP, and is having a career year all while the Mets look more cursed than the contortionist girl from The Ring. The chances that this would happen? 100%.

Mets fans are used to this by now. Most of the fans I talk to aren’t really that upset. This was all expected. We have been resigned to this since Duda threw the ball into the stands. Every move Sandy has made, the majority of Met fans agree with. Aggressive with the purpose to win. Logical and statistically correct. But someone forgot to tell Sandy that this franchise base is deep down the rabbit hole and there is a sign out front that says logic need not apply. It’s Murphy’s Law that rules here.


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