One Armed Kid Plays Golf Like a Legend


I woke up this morning feeling like P Diddy. Then I saw this video and realized that a one armed kid could out-drive me. Considering that I’ve probably hit three balls straight in my life, I might have to consider going one handed. I couldn’t use my left leg for 8 weeks and now I’m better at hopping on one leg than I am at walking with two. Maybe the same thing goes for golfing?

All in all I could only find one thing wrong with the way this kid lives his life. His swag is a little off. Don’t get me wrong, the orange club is a baller move. But wearing khakis and a visor is pretty Steve Spurrier-esque if you ask me.


Also the shoes are the opposite of fire. Unless you’re rocking the Steph Curry’s, there is legitimately no reason to ever put anything else on your feet besides Nike’s. Not to brag but I’ve actually worn the same pair of black Nike’s everyday for the past two months and continually get praise for them. The doctor even gave me a note to wear them to work because he liked them so much. It had absolutely nothing to do that my ankle is still healing.


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