IT’S A GOOD MONDAY (Kylie was here)

Yeah it may be Monday but there are MANY things to be happy about today…

  1. Pats lose – To be honest I was hoping to see Brady in another Super Bowl just for the drama but Peyton is technically my second cousin so I’m happy for him. I told @rbucci100 I would officially apologize if the Broncos won so here so you go. I WAS WRONG but so was 80 plus percent of the population. It would be nice to see The Sheriff win his second ring. Plus you get the agony of New England….that’s always fun.

2. Kanye West has a track list – Kanye released he is “finished with the best album of all time.” I don’t understand why it looks look my drunk uncle’s best friend wrote the list but for some reason I believe Yeezy. Then he hits us with the the most important written words since John Hancock in 1776, “KYLIE WAS HERE.” Hide your pancreas (and boners).


kyliejkylie was here


3. Eli Manning is a Walter Payton MOY finalist – Peyton heading to the Super Bowl, Eli raising money to tackle kids’ cancer….I think we are all winners here.


4. We get to see Cam Newton play again – Cam is the man. Super Bowl 50 is gonna be a fun one.



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  1. postman

    kylie > kendall


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