I am a Knicks fan.

My birthday is May 18, 1989. To hear my parents tell it, they were at a Knicks game  the week before I was born.  Looking at the schedule from 1988-1989, the New York Knicks played their way into the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals series against the Chicago Bulls.  The series took place from May 9th to May 19th.  Much to my father’s chagrin the Knicks lost the series and I wasn’t born on the floor of The Garden….I’m not sure which bothered him more. One thing was certain though, I was linked to this team before birth.

26 years and a lot of NYK related disappointment later, I am writing this post a few hours before opening game of the Knicks 2015-2016 season and I have real positive feelings about the team.  I believe the Knicks made serious and intelligent moves this offseason that should pay dividends into the years to come.   I will use future posts to delve deeper into these offseason moves, player profiles, rantings, and game reviews.  But for now I just want to say I am excited to join TheSportsChill.

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