Yankees Bats Go Boom Shakalaka

The Yankees went into last night’s game with a commanding seven game lead in the AL East division.  Because they wanted to rest Masahiro Tanaka five days, the Pinstripes turned to old man Chris Capuano as their spot starter.

This did not go well at all.The 36 year-old pitched like 50 Cent last night allowing five earned runs and couldn’t  make it out of the first inning.

At this point of the game I almost called it quits.  However, Thesportschill.com chief editor BGsays had faith in the boys and told me they were going to win. I laughed it off but to my pleasant surprise her prediction knocked it out of the park.

The Yankees exploded like an M-80 offensively in the second inning scoring 11 runs and they celebrated a 21-5 victory in Arlington. Chris Young hit a grand slam,  Didi Gregorius was glorious again notching a career high four-hit day and even “Stacheman” Brendan Ryan drove in 3 runs. This was the most runs the Yankees have scored since 2011.


My MVP of the game goes to rookie Diego Moreno. Thankfully Moreno was called up as an emergency starter because his services were needed and he did not disappoint. Moreno pitched 5 1/3 innings of no-hit ball, which not only kept the Bombers in the game, but also helped their bullpen get some rest.  The Yanks maintain their 7 game lead in the division. What a night.

More info on the Game Later.  I made some promises I have to keep.





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      @Tinkerbell Lets just say my body is going to heat up. P.s. Loved you in Hook #JuliaRoberts


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