Sports Chill Video Highlights – Entourage Compared To Athletes

Great question Kyle.  Full Audio and Video Out out tomorrow.



  1. Pumpkin

    10 out of 10 answer.

  2. Cuervo

    I think you’re way off with Vince.

    He is more like Johnny Manziel – Gets supermodels, goes in and out of being famous, half of the population loves him and half hate him and he has no real talent.

  3. Die-Lon

    Kind of heard this question in a different light. Or if I’m just retarded, definitely another cool take on this same question…

    Who in sports is the Entourage Crew? Such as who is Vincent Chase?

    I know a lot of guys keep a crew around them, but which pro player is really know to keep a crew of his hometown guys with him all the time, some that are known by other stars.

    Let me know.

    -Bri’s boy Dylan

  4. ÿþS

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