Duke’s Path to the Elite Eight: Cream Puff Delight

Here’s what the NCAA selection committee looked like this year.


On Selection Sunday, Coach K must have been doing the Tiger Woods fist pump over and over again after seeing which teams were standing between his Duke Blue Devils and a spot in the Elite Eight. The South region very well may be the weakest of the four regions in this year’s NCAA tournament. Georgetown, Utah and A Whale’s Vagina State are really the only teams that can come within 10 points of beating Dickie V’s favorite team.

It’s pretty unbelievable that this section of the bracket looks like microwaved fro-yo compared to Arizona’s section of the West Region where they have to play teams like Baylor, Ohio State and an underrated Xavier. (Matt “Mustard Stain” Stainbrook is going to be Uber driving all over these fools.)

So what could stop Duke from getting to the Elite Eight?

Their defense.

Since Ken Pomeroy started recording his advanced statistic algorithms in 2002, no team has won the NCAA tournament with a defensive efficiency rating ranked outside of the top 25 nationally. Admittedly, this is a small sample size, but we all know that defense wins championships. Who is ranked #1 in the nation for defensive efficiency? The Kentucky Wildcats. Honorable mentions include Virginia at #2, Arizona at #4 and Wichita State at #8 (great, mate.)

Coach K should have very little trouble getting his team to the 4th round of March Madness, but beyond that point lies a slew of teams that have the defensive capacity to slow Duke’s roll and counter with powerful offenses of their own.

My sleeper pick of the tourney?

– Iowa State

Look for them to upset Gonzaga in the Sweet Sixteen. Fred Hoiberg has implemented an NBA style offense full of Mike D’Antoni style counters and fakes within a 7 seconds or less style game plan that caters to the versatile PF George Niang’s style of play.

Pick to win it all?

– Arizona.

Stanley Johnson + Brandon Ashley = Final Four Material. #BOOKIT.

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