I know what you’re probably thinking, “A Mets article​,​written by a chick, really?” Let me start by explaining a little about myself. ​I come from a very athletic family so as a little girl,​I wore helmets instead of tiaras and for a long time ​the closest thing I wore to makeup was eye-black. I went to countless amounts of Mets games growing up. I learned how awesome tailgating was (within legal limits, of course) before I was even a teenager. I looked forward to going to batting practice trying to get a ball from one of the players by using my mom’s famous line, “It’s my birthday!” 60% of the time it worked all the time.


So here I am now, writing as a true-bred​ Mets fan and lover of the not-so-good New York sports teams since I’m also a Knicks, Jets and Islanders fan​. [I appreciate all of you who have continued to read this after that statement.] What do all of these teams have in common? Consistency…in losing! Prime example, the Knicks. Enough said. I won’t bother to publicly shame myself any further by talking about the Jets either. Thank you sweet baby Jesus for the Islanders this season! It’s not often one of my teams comes straight out the gate with its best start in franchise history.

Based off the way things have gone for these teams, the Mets season is going to be hit or miss. (See what i did there?!) A sense of hope has been restored with the return of the​ 6-foot-5, fuego throwing, baseball God of a man Matt Harvey​.(So hot want to touch the hiney, owww!) ​ Harvey is part of a solid pitching rotation that also includes Jonathan Niese, Bartolo Colon, Jacob deGrom and Zack Wheeler. I​f the Mets offense can translate their current batting average and on base percentage, which is currently the best in spring training, into the regular season there’s potential for wild card contention.

​This brings me to the miss part. The Mets haven’t reached the playoffs since 2006. Beltran going down looking still stings! Us fans are told each year, it’s going to be “our year.” In so facto, the Mets have had six consecutive under .500 finishes. Do I hear seven? ​We could be dealing with another typical Mets season that starts off strong and steady with a healthy roster only to crash and burn due to slumps and injuries after the All-Star break.

There’s no doubt there’s potential for the Mets to have a solid season​,​ which is enough to at least keep me content. I think 2015 will be another “building year” but a​ good ​turning point for the franchise. I’m looking forward to Kan-j​am in the marina parking lot, over-priced beer, and ice cream ​helmet cup​s​ at Citi Field. I have “Meet the Mets” stuck in my head already. ​Even at their worst, nothing could change my loyalty to the Mets. It’s like the infamous Mets slogan says, “You gotta believe!”



  1. escargotonthego2348

    Im a Yankee fan but surprisingly Mets looking strong with pitching, and if David Wright looks like the stuff of old, you never know what could happen…. look what the royals did last year. who will finish first Yanks or the Mets. Its as close as its been in a while unfortunately.

    1. Jimmy

      You make a very good point @escargo. I think you gotta go with the Yanks. The last time the Mets had a better record was in 2000, and we all know what happened that year.


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